Mimosa’s Pro-Am Anchor Tournament Signup

When: Saturday October 15th @ NOON CENTRAL STANDARD TIME
What: Trios Format Private Lobby – 30 Teams
Prize: $5,000 Prize Pool
How: Simply read the rules and fill out the form below.

KD limits are based on ALL TIME stats. This should allow for more Rising Stars to be eligible.  


  • Account must be your main account, we will verify each account and KD. 
  • You MUST be streaming tournament.
  • Tournament organizers will compile approved lists of Rising Stars (5 KD Cap [ALL TIME]) and Anchors (1 KD Cap[ALL TIME]) for Pros to draft from. 
  • The tournament will be a custom lobby, best of 5. No throw-away games. (more specific rules to follow).
  • If you use cheats or hacks or exploits, no one loves you and you will be banned forever from future tournaments with no second chances. If you are toxic, you will be blocked.
  • Captain discord will be created for specific questions and communications for your team. 

1 Kill = 1 Point

1st – 2x Multi
2nd – 1.85x Multi
3rd – 1.7x Multi
4th – 1.6x Multi
5th – 10th – 1.5x Multi

Mimosa Anchor Sign Up

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