Mimosa’s Tournament for The Olds Captain Sign Up

What: Trios Format Private Lobby – 30 Teams
Prize: $2,000 Prize Pool
How: Simply read the rules and fill out the form below.

** If you are not looking to be a captain and just want to throw your name in as a player to be picked, reply to the tweet and include your age (https://twitter.com/mimosastreams/status/1511377319025332229)**

Rules For Applying for Captain Spot:

  1. You and your teammates MUST be 30 years old or older. We can and may ask for some form of proof of age.
  2. Captains MUST be streaming tournament.
  3. If you do not have a full trio, fill in what you have. There is likely going to be a lot of “Free agents” looking for teams.
  4. The tournament will be a custom lobby, best of 5. No throw-away games. (more specific rules to follow).
  5. If you use cheats or hacks or exploits, no one loves you and you will be banned forever from future tournaments with no second chances. If you are toxic, you will be blocked.
  6. If selected as a captain you will be invited to a private Discord which will serve as the hub for all rules and information for the tournament.

"*" indicates required fields